Mantels by Westside Fireplace


Nothing adds warmth and aesthetic flare to a fireplace as well as a beautiful mantel. Whether modern or antiquated, a wood or stone mantel will give your ordinary fireplace an air of class and distinction and make your fireside experience all the more pleasurable. Plus, a gorgeous mantel is the perfect place to display trophies, art and decorative pieces.

Westside Fireplace can customize a mantel to suit your fireplace and home. Our talented group of skilled craftsmen are experts at designing handsome mantelpieces in a wide variety of styles and designs, perfectly matched to suit your decor.

Westside Fireplace also carries a wide array of factory pre-fabricated mantelpieces in a variety of materials and styles. If you're searching for a specific mantel, chances are Westside Fireplace can get it for you at no extra charge.

We pride ourselves on our fine work and the satisfaction of our customers. The initial price we quote you is the price you'll be charged, with no hidden fees or added costs.

Give your fireplace a touch of class and call Westside Fireplace today.